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Training manuals for aviation maintenance technician instructors, schools and students.

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  • Professional layout, printing and binding
  • Concise, understandable content
  • Up-to-date information and specifications
  • Content by experts in the field
  • Detailed illustrations
  • Extensive photography

Textbooks & References

  • Advanced Composites
  • Aircraft Hydraulics
  • Avionics: Fundamentals of Aircraft Electronics
  • Avionics: Instruments and Auxiliary Systems
  • FAA 8083 AMT Handbook Series
  • FAA AMT Handbook
  • Aircraft Maintenance
  • Aircraft Structural Maintenance
  • Aircraft System Maintenance
  • Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance

Instructional Video

  • Bernoulli's Principle
  • Principles of Sound
  • Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning Systems
  • Westinghouse J34 Turbojet Engine Assembly & Disassembly

Physics Laboratory


  • Aircraft Diesel Engines
  • Bendix PS5 Series Carburetor Cutaway EA15
  • Cabin Pressurization Supercharger Cutaway AS80
  • Surplus Engine Sale
  • Pratt & Whitney JT15D Turbofan
  • Pratt and Whitney JT15D Tear Down Engine E64
  • Pratt and Whitney JT15D Cut Away E65
  • Westinghouse J34 Turbojet
  • Cut Away J34 Turbojet Engine E41
  • J34 Tear Down Engine E40
  • Pratt & Whitney PT6 Turboprop and Turboshaft
  • PT6A Turbine Engine Removal/Replacement System E47
  • Motorized Cut Away PT6A E46
  • PT6A Tear Down Engines E45
  • PT6T Complete Tear Down Engine E68
  • PT6T Individual Module Tear Down E69
  • PT6T Cutaway E70
  • Rolls-Royce Allison 250 Turboshaft
  • Rolls-Royce/Allison 250 Series Tear Down Engine E49
  • 250 Series Turboshaft Engine E51
  • Additional Turbine Engines Options
  • Teledyne Continental
  • TCM Runnable IO-470 and O-470
  • Continental O-470 and IO-470 Engine
  • AVCO Lycoming
  • Turbine Engine Thrust Reverser System TA44
  • Fire Detection & Extinguishing Systems
  • Exhaust-Driven Turbocharger Display EA54
  • Hartzell 3-Bladed Reversing Propeller P26
  • Hartzell 3-Bladed Propeller P18
  • Hartzell Constant Speed Propellers
  • McCauley Constant Speed Propellers
  • Hamilton Standard 22D30 Propellers
  • Fixed Pitch Metal Propeller P20
  • Propeller Governors
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Airframe Systems

  • Advanced Autopilot System Trainer AV23
  • CES 500 Exploratory Electronics Lab
  • CES 651 Analog Electronics Lab Trainer
  • CES 702 Digital Electronics Lab Trainer
  • CES 750 Exploratory Digital Electronics Lab Trainer
  • KV920 Aircraft Lighting Systems Lab
  • Pneumatic System Trainer AS86
  • Avionics System Trainer AV22
  • 3 Axis Autopilot System Trainer AV12
  • Aircraft Electronic Flight Instrument System Trainer AV18
  • HSI/ADI System AV20
  • ARINC 429 Digital Data Buss System AV15
  • Cockpit Instrumentation System Trainer AS76
  • Multi-Engine 28-volt DC Dual Turbine Electrical System AE42-D24G
  • 12-volt Dual Electrical Training System AE42-12D
  • 28-volt DC Electrical System Trainer AE42-24G
  • 12V Electrical Training Systems
  • Digital Engine Instrument System E60
  • Aircraft Basic Electricity Panel AE58
  • Oxygen Training System AS81
  • Ice and Rain Protection Training System AS61
  • Vapor Cycle Air Conditioning and Heating System AS66
  • Air Cycle Air Conditioning System AS79
  • Janitrol Combustion Heater Systems AS63
  • Cabin Atmosphere Control/Pressurization Training System AS64
  • Anti-Skid Braking Training System AL37
  • Hydraulic Landing Gear Training System AL14
  • Tricycle Landing Gear Training System AL30
  • Aircraft Brake Training System AL36
  • Nose Gear Assembly AL35
  • Beechcraft Main Gear Assembly AL41
  • Cessna Nose Gear Assembly AL33
  • Cessna Landing Gear Assembly AL26
  • Hydraulic Training System H86
  • Fluid Lines and Fittings Trainer H90
  • Turbine Fuel Training System F51
  • Continental Fuel Injection Training System F52
  • Continental Fuel Injection System F23
  • Bendix Fuel Injection System F24
  • Carburetor Fuel System F22
  • Turbocharged TCM Fuel Injection Training System F60

Physics Laboratory

Aircraft Components

  • Fuel System Components
  • Turbine Engine Accessories
  • Electrical Components
  • Hydraulic Components
  • Vacuum/Static System Components
  • De-Ice/Anti-Ice System Components
  • Landing Gear and Brake Components
  • Cabin Climate Control Systems Components

Physics Laboratory


  • Engine Cutaways
  • Propeller & Governor Cutaways
  • Carburetor Cutaways
  • Hydraulic System Cutaways
  • Electrical System Cutaways
  • Instrument System Cutaways

Physics Laboratory

Shop Equipment

  • Engine Run-Up Stand
  • Engine Workstands
  • Turbine Engine Tools
  • Safety Wire Box
  • Aeroquip Tools
  • Electrical Power Cart S31
  • Hydraulic Test Bench S35
  • Magneto Testers
  • Cessna 150 Control Surface Balancing Beam S47
  • Cylinder Stand S46
  • Hydraulic Mule S45