Welcome to PT. Visicom Citra Perkasa

PT. VISICOM CITRA PERKASA, is a company established in Jakarta on July 1997, trading company with experiences in the supply of Educational Equipments such as Science Equipments, Multimedia Language Laboratory System, Simulator and Trainer for the educational and the related sectors ranges from the Secondary Schools up to Private and Public Universities, Government Research and Training institutions, Military, and others.


As a Professional Company to provide High quality and latest technology in Educational Sectors


With the High quality and latest technology in Educational will improve the capability, skilled, creativeness and professionalism of the Human Resource to achieve good quality and results of educational environment.


  • To enable relevant and rewarding learning experiences.

  • To provide instructors and schools with resources for technology education.

  • To supply safe and affordable systems of industrial grade quality.

  • To provide turnkey solutions tailored to customer specifications.

  • To enable configuration and expansion of systems that best suits the customer's requirements and budget.

  • To provide training and ongoing support to keep customers abreast of new technologies.

  • To develop a technologically skilled workforce that will enable manufacturers and nations to be competitive in the global market.

  • To maintain and expand our standing as a leading developer and supplier of technology training systems.

  • To forge international partnerships with governments, industries and educational institutions to promote the study and application of modern engineering and industrial technologies.