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SANAKO is the world leader in live language learning technology. Develop language teaching solutions and provide the means for people to access learning.

SANAKO, formerly Tandberg Educational, is a learning technology company developing language teaching solutions, teaching and classroom management software, virtual learning and professional development solutions, as well as supplying customer services.



LD Didactic GmbH is a globally leading provider of instructional systems for schools and industry. We offer complete solutions for general education in the natural sciences as well as for training in technology and the natural sciences. The combination of chemistry, biology, physics and technology allows us to offer you all-encompassing solutions for your educational situation in fundamentals and application.



ELiMSⓇ is Electronic Library Management System, by ST LogiTrack, the RFID Electronic Library Management System is designed to manage the tracking, distribution, circulation and flow of library materials. This test-proven system overcomes the limitations of bar-coding as it is not restrictive to contact or line-of-sight. It facilitates automatic and multiple object identification, tracking, sorting as well as speedier data collection, which will tremendously improve the efficiency of librarians.



Intelitek is a world-leading developer, producer and supplier of Blended Learning Technology Training Systems. For over two decades we have provided comprehensive training solutions for engineering, manufacturing, automation and industrial technologies, including CAD, CAM, CNC, robotics, industrial maintenance, mechatronics, FMS, and CIM.



AVOTEK is the premier manufacturer of aviation technical training aids and maintenance training simulators. Our primary customers are FAA Part 147 approved Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) training schools.Design and manufacture a complete line of training systems and simulators for airframe and powerplant mechanics training. Our related publishing company, Avotek Information Resources, published a series of textbooks and supporting curricular materials.



VideodidactⓇ View allows interactive and selective integration of each student or conference participant with the touch of a button.With only one keystroke the instructor can transmit his, or a student's screen to a projector or to a control monitor. This enables each student to directly present his individual solution to all other student.Independent of the hard- and software already in use, screen images can be transmitted in real time and highest resolutions.