EDX Education at GESS 2019

insert_invitation 2021-11-24 04:44:37


Topic/Industry: Educational products

Murray Jackson, CEO of EDX shares some interesting details with us…

“We are very interested in talking to teachers about our products and demonstrating how Edx Education products are used in the classroom with our goal being to create Edx Education brand awareness amongst preK-6 educational professionals. We also welcome distributors within South East Asian countries to talk to us about distributing our products in South East Asia”.

Edx Education specialise in manufacturing and supplying high quality and safe preK-6 educational products to more than 90 countries in North America, U.K., Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America and Australasia. Edx’s core product range is maths manipulatives and early childhood active play and continually works with educational professionals in developing written materials and videos that assist teachers.

“South East Asia is a developing market that Edx Education is currently targeting. We view South East Asia and in particular Indonesia as an important market for us to create brand awareness for all our products”

Murray Jackson