We are the pioneer in language labs and language teaching software: we started in 1961 when our first language laboratory was made under the name Tandberg Educational. After that, we have climbed to a market-leading position with customers in over 110 countries and 50,000 classrooms supported with Sanako solutions to help language teachers increase their students’ language skills.



Modern Language lab software for efficient language teaching

A full-featured language lab coupled with complete classroom management. You can choose how to incorporate ICT resources into teaching and your students will feel right at home with the feature-packed student player, engaging them with multiple possibilities for individualization and interactivity while remotely managing their progress.



Virtual classroom software designed for language educators

SANAKO Connect enables all the benefits from the language laboratory and is accessible from anywhere using laptops, Chromebooks, or tablets. You can lead classes in real-time or leave the session open for self-paced language learning. Easy way to create exercises for model imitation, gap-fill exercises, and much more which leads to an increase in the time each student spends speaking and actively practicing during classes.

Sanako Connect has the ability to collect, review and give feedback for students’ audio recordings and work in real-time or in recording and share all the needed materials on the same platform. Students join via a unique link means No login details needed for the students (no data privacy issues).


An easy solution for improving oral skills in a foreign language

SANAKO Pronounce combines the latest text-to-speech technology with voice recognition that Transforms any text material into spoken audio for pronunciation and speech exercises. Students can listen to authentic speech models, record their own voices for comparison, and receive immediate feedback. Teachers can monitor, evaluate, and collect their students’ pronunciation practice in a classroom environment with Pronounce Classroom. Your school can distribute the online version, Pronounce Live, for all students for self-study.

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