Didactic Equipment

De Lorenzo S.p.A specializes in designing, developing, and producing technical and vocational training (didactic) equipment. The didactic solutions provided by De Lorenzo range from all areas of electrical and electronics fields, power engineering, renewable energies, and mechatronics to solutions relevant for the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) and all other latest technologies. All De Lorenzo solutions are aimed at converting theoretical knowledge into practical experience, greatly facilitating the task of teachers, and allowing the students or learners to acquire relevant technical and hands-on skills. 

De Lorenzo’s vision is to be the leading manufacturer and provider of purposefully made didactic  equipment for engineering, technical and vocational fields globally. The company’s objective is to  create a better future for the younger generations worldwide, by offering the best training solutions  that will equip them with the pertinent skills – for the 21st century.

Research and Development, being at the heart of our company, ensures that all products and services  provided maintain their relevance in the technical and vocational training sector, in a constantly  changing world.  It is our company’s belief that the development of engineering, technical and vocational skills will  significantly contribute to creating more equality, reducing global unemployment rate and increasing  job opportunities through self-employment. Thus, contributing to social stability in the respective  countries.

De Lorenzo is on a mission to develop people’s skills – equipping them with engineering, technical and vocational skills relevant for the world of work. For this reason, we offer educational institutions across the world a wide range of well-designed and functional didactic equipment, combined with professional services. In particular, we want to:

  • Support teachers/trainers in identifying the needed training equipment in line with their  teaching objectives/Curriculum – converting student’s theoretical knowledge to hands-on  experience.
  • Provide universities, technical and vocational training institutions around the world with  purposely made equipment for practical training in various fields, allowing them to provide  quality education. 
  • Contribute to the consolidation of technological advancement of industrialised countries in  and the technical growth and industrialisation of developing countries.  
  • Design, manufacture and supply high quality products, as well as provide highly professional services.

For more information please visit https://delorenzoglobal.com/